Help put families first!

Your gift is vital to help reach a $60,000 goal by November 30 to kick-start the public promotion of Family First Queensland in the lead-up to the election.  

This publicity campaign is crucial to inform people about our policies and ask for their vote – in order to secure a seat in the Senate. Some of our policies include:

  • Supporting initiatives to help families become economically and socially self-reliant (i.e., home ownership, lifelong learning, employment);
  • Helping families access affordable healthcare, gas, electricity and water;
  • Supporting parents who work in the home while raising children;
  • Assisting the carers of sick, vulnerable and disabled family members; and
  • Upholding free speech, freedom of religion and free press.

A strong Family First Party presence in the Senate will help stop the federal LNP and ALP drifting further away from traditional family values and will bring greater long-term benefits and stability to our nation.

Please give generously below to help reach the $60,000 goal by November 30. Thank you for your support to help place families first across Australia!